1. Design, install and metrology measurement systems using our own forces or our partners when projects are large and require a large team of specialists. We have solutions for any level of flow rates required to be measured using turbine and/or ultrasonic flowmeter, orifice plate, etc.; Gas chromatography and hygrometers for the measurement of gas quality. Fiscal measurement systems are certified according to the 2014/32 / EU (MID) Directive for the placing on the market of measuring instruments and the PED Directive 2014/65 / EA on the conditions for the placing on the market of pressure equipment.
  2. Sale of the products and systems listed above (gas flow meters, flow computers, process instrumentation, filters / separators, gas chromatographs, solar panels, communication systems, all of which are integrated into the whole process supervising software systems).
  3. Consultancy and training for:
    • Personal training in the use of natural gas meter and quality assurance;
    • Personal training in the analysis and interpretation of experimental data;
    • Technical advice on the implementation of procedures and working instructions in the field;
    • Technical advice on the purchase of measuring equipment and quality assurance of natural gas.
  4. Carrying out periodic maintenance, verification and optimization of the operating parameters for field equipment used for measurement and quality of natural gas:
    • Measuring systems with a orifice plate.
    • Measuring systems with turbine, ultrasonic flowmeters. Proving operations between the two measuring systems.
    • ABB Ltd., SpiritIt etc. flow computers
    • Process Gas Chromatographs C3, C6 + and C9 +, ABB Ltd. producer
    • Power systems with solar panels,
    • Performing necessary repairs or replacing technically compromised components or systems.
  5. Related activities:
    • Protection and burglary systems, fire and video surveillance. Design of burglar, fire and video surveillance systems. Design and realization of low amps current installations. (Voice Communication Circuits, Closed Circuit Television, Access Systems (Barriers, Automated Gates) and Time Tracking (Personal Activity Evidence: Magnetic Access Cards or Retinal and Fingerprint Recognition).