Transgaz 2020

During July 2020, our company completed the installation and commissioning of 12 process gas chromatograph units type NGC8206 (4 pieces) and NGC8209 (8 pieces) manufacturer ABB Inc. Benefit SNTGN TRANSGAZ SA Medias.

The role of this equipment is:

– Determination of the chemical composition of natural gas (C6 + and C9 +)

– Calculation from the chemical composition of the upper and lower calorific value, of the absolute and relative density, of the compressibility factor and of the Wobbe figure

– Calculation from the chemical composition of the hydrocarbon dew point (HCDP) and the cricondenterm point.

Gas chromatographs are mounted in thermally insulated cabinets with IP66 protection, equipped with gas sampling system and conditioning system to block the penetration of liquids in the chromatographic columns.

All devices are parameterized for online data transmission to the National Natural Gas Transmission System.