Starting with 2018, Flowrond Med became the official partner for Romania of the manufacturer of water and hydrocarbon dew point analyzers ZEGAZ INSTRUMENTS. ZEGAZ Instrument water and hydrocarbon dewpoint analyzers are the most advanced dewpoint measurement systems available. They are based on breakthrough CEIRS™ infrared technology to accurately and unambiguously determine the dewpoint of hydrocarbon gas streams at pressures up to 1500psi. These systems can distinguish between hydrocarbon dewpoints and water condensation. ZEGAZ Instruments’ analyzers do not need field calibration and will retain their factory calibration under normal operating conditions. They also does not need any field adjustments as the measurements are done based on a very accurate detection of the condensation process and the nature of the condensate.

Portable Water and Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Analyzer Type DewPort

Water and Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Analyzer Type DewPoint Duo

Water Analyzer online type WDP5000

Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Analyzer online typeHCD5000